Let’s take a walk down the “Real Romans Road” with the apostle Paul, chapter by chapter, in context:

What is Truth? | Romans 2:2

  • Paul claims that the “judgment of God” is according to “truth”; so, how does the Word of God define truth’?

Salvation vs. Eternal Life | Romans 2:7

  • Salvation versus Eternal Life… what did the apostle Paul teach? What does it mean to be ‘saved’? What have we been ‘saved’ from? How does mainstream theology define ‘salvation’? How is ‘salvation’ defined by the Holy Scriptures? What does the Greek text actually say and how does it compare with the way today’s mainstream church interprets it?

Romans Chapter 2, Part 1: Circumcision of the Heart

  • Was a “circumcised heart” new in the ‘New Testament’ or was Paul re-teaching established doctrine? What does the text say?

Romans Chapter 2, Part 2: Practice What You Preach

  • What were those in Rome preaching but not practicing, that got the Apostle Paul so upset that he had to chastise them? What does the text say?

Romans Chapter 2, Part 3: The ‘Circumcision Party’

  • Did the Apostle Paul teach ‘against circumcision’, or ‘against un-biblical doctrine’ taught by the Circumcision Party? What does the text say?

Justification vs. Righteousness | Romans 3:20 & 28

  • What do ‘Justification’ and ‘Righteousness’ mean, and how did the Apostle Paul teach the difference between the two?

Paul Commands Us to Uphold the Law | Romans 3:31

  • If the Apostle Paul claimed the Law was abolished, then why did he tell us in ‘Romans’ that faith does not void the Law, and that we are to “uphold” it?

Subject to the Power of the Law | Romans 6:14

  • “Under law” and “Under grace”; what does the Greek actually say, in context?

Why the Messiah Had to Die… and Rise Again! | Romans 7

  • As the ‘Messiah of Israel’, what was the main prophetic reason Jesus had to die, and live again?

Free from the law of Sin and Death | Romans 8:2

  • Are we “free” from the Law of God given through Moses? What does the text say?

Why is the Flesh Enmity with God? | Romans 8:7

  • What parameter did the Apostle Paul give as the deciding factor of why ‘the flesh’ is enmity with God?

Are You Grafted Into Israel? Part 1: ‘Not My People’

  • Who exactly was the Apostle Paul speaking to in Romans chapter 9, and “why”?

Are You Grafted Into Israel? Part 2: Paul’s ‘Law of Righteousness’

  • The Apostle Paul expounds on the proper way to “follow after” the Law.

Is Christ the End-ing of the Law? | Romans 10:4

  • Romans 10:4; what do the Greek word definitions and grammar reveal?

Are You Grafted Into Israel? Part 3: The Word of ‘Faith’

  • What does the Apostle Paul mean when he says “the word of faith”?

Are You Grafted Into Israel? Part 4: ‘No Longer Gentile’

  • Are Israelites grafted into the gentiles/nations, or are those among the gentiles/nations grafted into the Commonwealth of Israel?

The Law: Fulfilled or Abolished? | Romans 13:8

  • The Law of Moses; if it’s been “abolished” then why does the Apostle Paul claim we still ‘fulfill‘ it by our love? Are we fulling an abolished Law???

Did Paul Really Say “Any Day” Can Be the Sabbath? | Romans 14:5

  • Did the Apostle Paul ‘really‘ say that Sunday can replace the biblical Sabbath? What does the text say, in context?

(Thus he declared all foods clean) Part 4 | Romans 14:14

  • Romans 14:14 states the word ‘unclean’ three times. The Greek text reveals this to be a lie, THREE times!!! “Men” have mistranslated the Word of God, twisted the context of Paul’s discourse, in order to conform to denominational dogma.