The following studies provide Scriptural documentation of the Apostle Paul, as well as, the early Christian leadership, teaching and observing the Law of God given through Moses:

Examining the Scriptures | Acts 17

  • The Jews in Berea examined “the Scriptures” diligently to test the Apostle Paul’s teachings. Did his doctrines pass the test?

“You Yourself Also Live in Observance of the Law” ~ James to the apostle Paul | Acts 21:24

  • The title says it all…

Zealous for the Law | Acts 21

  • Thousands of New Testament believers were ‘zealous for the Law of Moses’; how did the Apostle Paul and the Jerusalem council react to this? What does the text say?

Paul’s Day in Court | Acts 21:28

  • The Apostle Paul was arrested and put on trial for teaching against the Law of Moses, and for defiling the Temple. What claims did Paul make for his defense?

The Sabbath: Forever Means Forever

  • What part of “forever” was abolished?

The Apostle Paul: Hypocrite or Hard to Understand?

  • Was the Apostle Paul a hypocrite for keeping the Law of God given through Moses, or is he just hard to understand as Peter warned us?

The LORD’s Feasts

  • God Almighty calls them “My Feasts”, so who are we to tell Him otherwise?

(Thus he declared all foods clean) Part 2: Peter’s Vision | Acts 10:13

  • Why did the vision “perplex” Peter? Did you know that ‘Acts’ chapters 10 and 11 actually gives us the interpretation of the vision? What does the text say?